Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Ateneo diploma

I was pleaseantly surprised when my mother told me that my diploma from Aten>eo de Manila College of Law has been "lying" here in Dumaguete.
I thought all along, that this diploma had been lost already.
Though just paper, diplomas often mean the world to the person that holds them. Whether they are from Harvard or a community college, they are far more than just a regular piece of paper.
In fact, those have earned a criminal justice degree may be inclined to set up an investigation if one went missing. Upon not being able to find it, they may do something along the lines of incorporating other agencies to help with the hunt. I, on the other hand, left getting my degree back up to chance.
I haven't been good in keeping diplomas.
Once, I thought I lost my lawyer's certification issued by the Supreme Court.
Then I found out later, it had been languishing in the high court for years as I forgot to claim it.
Anyway, I told my mother to just keep the law school diploma, lest it be misplaced.
The diploma has been framed (thanks to mother) but covered with plastic and hidden beside a working table.
So like my college diploma, I took a picture and just "store" it here in my blog.
It is written in some alien language---Latin probably--- so the only things I can understand are my name and the degree earned: "Juris Doctor".


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Athenaei Manilani Curatores
As Administrators of Ateneo de Manila

Omnibus praesentes litteras visuris salutem in Domino
To all those examining this document (To all those who see these present letters), Greetings in the Lord!

Facultate nobis a Republica Philippinarum concessa, testamur dilectum
By virtue of authority conferred on us by the Republic of the Philippines, we declare that the
esteemed (our beloved)

Elmar Jay Martin J. Dejaresco

omnibus rite peractis quae more institutoque nostro imperantur liberalium disciplinarum studiosis;
factoque periculo; ad
Who has successfully fulfilled the requirements and passed the examinations established for
studies in liberal arts, may be admitted to the degree of

Iuris Doctor
Doctor of Law

a nobis fuisse provectum et omnibus ac singulis iuribus ad istum gradum pertinentibus donatum.
And should be granted all rights and privileges pertaining to that status.

In cuius rei testimonium, Praeses et Decanus auctoritate rite commissa die
XX mensis Aprilis anno Domini MCMXCVII Athenaei vero Manilani CXXXVIII litteris hisce Collegii
sigillo munitis nomina subscripserunt.
In witness whereof, the President and the Dean through the authority duly
conferred on them, have signed this document, protected by the College seal, on 20th day of
April in the year of Our Lord 1997, during the 138th year of the Ateneo de Manila.