Sunday, October 05, 2008

Savoring Savory

Tita Mamel and Tito Gerald Quelapio recently treated us to a dinner at Savory.
Savory is the restaurant that cooks the finest fried chicken.
It is a very old recipe, perhaps, matching the longetivity of the popular's chicken house Max's Restaurant.
If the older people can remember, Savory Chicken was already popular before. It had its restaurant at the heart of Binondo, Manila's Chinatown.
But it appears the third generation of this family-run business has adopted a strategy of opening branches in various locations in Metro Manila.
We had dinner at Savory outlet in SM Tiendesitas.
It was a sumptuous dinner.
Savordy chicken is so tasty you can eat the chicken by itself.
That is how tasty the chicken is.
It comes with its very unique matching gravy, which all the more makes the chicken a lot tastier.
The next time we ate, we invited our LA-based classmate Oning, who also held his thumbs-up for Savory Chicken.
We went to the branch at SM North EDSA.
There is also one Savory branch at Glorietta IV, over at Food Chioces area.
It offers a "Salo Meal" good for two persons with two slices of Savory chicken, plus side dishes for only P290.
There are various chicken restaurants sprouting all over these days.
But the old Filipino chicken recipes are hard to top.

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