Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mama won P10,000 Premyo sa Resibo

My mother, Marlen I. Dejaresco, is one of the daily winners of the Bureau of Internal Revenue's "Premyo sa Resibo" (Prize in Receipts).
She won by just collecting official receipts and texting details (like the T.I.N. of the store, receipt number, amount of purchase, etc) of each official to a certain cellphone number, at 9777 or 9778.
Quite easy.
If you want to join, just go to or
This is a promotional endeavor of the Bureau if Internal Revenue to encourage taxpayers to demand receipts from commercial enterprises.
This would, in turn, push commercial establsihments to issue official receipts, which would enable the B.I.R. to collect more revenues for the government.
The promo is to let taxpayers, text to a certain cellphone number the details of their accumulated receipts, which would then be electronically raffled by the B.I.R.
Every day there will be a winner who will win P10,000.
The winner will also be entitled to join another raffle with bigger prizes like P100,000 and P1,000,000.00.
However, while it was my mother who won, it was me who appeared as the winner on paper because I had to be the one to personally claim the prize at Philweb offices at the 17F Enterprise Building, Ayala Ave cor Paseo de Roxas Makati.
Mama sent me the original of the winning receipt, an official receipt issued by Shoemart, when my father, Ely made some purchases there recently.
I presented two identification cards, and gave a photograph.
Then I was issued the P10,000.00 check in my name.
This is a cool way to be richer by P10,000.
Or, it could be P100,000 or P1,000,000.00.

P.S. Photo shows Rhodell Valdez of Philweb handing over the check to me at Philweb offices.

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