Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dumaguete unofficial election results

As of 3 p.m. May 16, 2007 Dumaguete time, the following are the partial unofficial results of the elections in Dumaguete for the positions of governor, vice governor, 2nd district congressman, mayor, vice-mayor and city councilors tabulated by the citizens quick count NAMFREL:
For governor, leading candidate is Rep. Emilio C. Macias with 31,646 votes. He is trailed by a mile by Samuel B. Torres with 1,264 votes.
For the vice governorship, the position is uncontested. The incumbent vice governor and former mayor of Manjuyod Jose Petit Baldado with 30,199 votes.
For second district congressman to be vacated by Rep. Macias, the leading candidate is the governor, George P. Arnaiz with 29,899 votes. He is followed by retired Gen. Ramon Montano with 4,014 votes. Third placer is Raul S. Aninon with 382 votes.
For Mayor, leading candidate is the incumbent mayor Agustin Perdices with 20,802 votes. He is trailed by lawyer and provincial board member Arturo Umbac with 15,992 votes. At third place is Ardelio Guarin with 343 votes.
For the vice mayor, leading is the opposition candidate Woodrow Maquiling with 18,379 votes. He is trailed by the incumbent vice mayor William Ablong with 15,696 votes. At third place is lawyer Arturo Erames with 2,554 votes.
Meanwhile in the race for city councilors, the top twelve candidates are the following:
Incumbent city councilor Chiquiting Sagarbarria with 20,949 votes; second placer is another incumbent Rotelio Lumjod 20,576 votes; third place is lawyer Rommel Erames who is making a comeback to the council with 17,492 votes; fourth place is Noel de Jesus a doctor with 16,990 votes ; in fifth is lawyer Franklin Esmena 15,777 votes; sixth is Esperidion Catan an incumbent with 16,680 votes ; seventh is new lawyer and West Point (USMA) graduate Allan Cordova 15,779 votes; eighth placer is Nilo Sayson also making a comeback to the council with 15,205 votes; ninth place is Antonio Remollo (TonyRems) with 12,739 votes; tenth place is Amy Dicen at 12,056 ; at eleventh place is Danilo Leon with 11,916 votes. At twelfth place is George Villamor with 11,716 votes.
The unofficial results are partial with 303 precincts tabulated, out of about 330 precincts for the entire Dumaguete City.
There are only ten seats up for grabs in the city council.

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