Sunday, May 27, 2007

The DILG regional director's opinion is off course

The regional director of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) named Pedro A. Noval Jr., has also issued his own opinion on the querry of vice mayor William Ablong about the ex officio membership of the liga president in the sanggunian.
But I think the good DILG regional director did not understand the issue.
That is why the regional director's opinion, is not only unresponsive, but is also way off course like a golf ball heading toward the forest.
But we need to comment on this opinion.
He says "Hence, a punong barangay who filed his certificate of candidacy is not considered resigned."
We are not saying that Harrison Gonzales, punong barangay of Tinago resigned from being puonong barangay when he filed his certificate of candidacy.
As a matter of fact, we contentd that Gonzales retains his being punong barangay and liga president even if he filed his certificate of candidacy.
What we are saying is that he was deemed resigned from his ex officio membership in the sanggunian when he filed his certificate of candidacy, such membership being appointive.
The regional director is not responsive.
Next, the regional director said " consequently, a punong barangay who is at the same time an officer of the liga ng mga barangay shall continue to be an officer thereof even if he has filed his certificate of candidacy in view of the fact that he is not considered resigned as punong barangay."
The regional director is more lost.
Again, there is no dispute that Harrison Gonzales, when he filed his certificate of candidacy, continues to be officer or president of the liga, such position being elective.
But this is not the issue.
In any event, if you would notice, the opinion of the DILG regional office is dated May 22, 2007.
Subsequently, two days after or on May 24, 2007, the city DILG operations officer rendered another opinion apart from that of the regional director.
From my analysis of things, when city hall received the opinion of the regional director, they realized that the opinion would not hold water because it was lost deep in the forest, so unresponsive, and not even able to spot the issue.
That is why perhaps---and we can only surmise--- legal people from city hall asked the city DILG operations officer to render a "separate opinion" in view of the unresponsive opinion of the regional director.
Personally I can't even rule out the possibility that people from city hall "helped" draft the opinion of th DILG operations officer.
In any event, both opinions, from my view, are far unconvincing.

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