Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mactan WiFi

I am here at the Mactan International Airport waiting for a flight back to Manila.
Mactan airport is a WiFi hotspot. If you intend to purchase WiFi cards, you can choose between airborne access or Globequest.
Airborne access prepaid cards can be bought at The Tinder Box coffee and wines store inside the airport. Globequest pre-paid cards are sold at Bo's Coffee right beside The Tinder Box.
Globequest is far more efficient at Mactan airport so better to buy the Globequest pre-paid cards.
Anyway, I just came from a hearing this morning at the Regional Trial Court of Cebu. It is a very old case that I took over, filed in 1991 when I was still a third year college student in Silliman.
I presented for cross examination Atty. Orencio Gervacio, a provincial board member of Biliran province.
He was my last witness so I will be formally offering the plaintiff's evidence in ten days.
Thus, fifteen years after the filing of the case, the plaintiff is finally ready to formally offer its evidence.
How do the wheels of justice grind in the Philippines?
After the hearing I met a client at the SM Center at the reclamation area.
She looked deeply worried about her case.
Who would not be?
She hired a lawyer who charged her acceptance fees.
But she just found out that the lawyer she had engaged did not even enter his appearance in court.
The case was decided agasint her, as a private complainant. Her lawyer wasn't even there.
She is mad at the lawyer.
She wants me to remedy the situation. She gave me a folder of papers that have turned yellow because of age.
I bet this case was started even before that other case I attended this morning.
I saw that it was filed in 1984 yet.

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