Monday, July 24, 2006

Renewing my passport

I just renewed my passport, after realizing it had long expired.
Renewing passports has now been made a lot more convenient.
If you pay around P1,600, you can commission a private courier to facilitate the renewal process.
The documents will be fetched by the courier either in your office or home, and the new passport will be delivered to wherever you want them delivered.
However, I renewed my passport the traditional way, which was to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs at Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.
Here is how to renew a passport the traditional way.
Proceed and enter Gate No. 2 of the DFA compound.
You will read a sign which says "application starts here" pointing to the direction of the DFA basketball court.
You should be ready with the expired passport, a filled up application form with two passport size pictures. Another requirement is the photocopies of pages one and two, the last page and the page containing the last departure of the expired passport.
The first thing is to have the application verified. Thre are two windows attending to this.
The application will be stamped indicating that it has already been verified.
Then you proceed to the building accross, where the application papers will once again be scrutinized to ensure the integrity of the data indicated in the application.
There are so many counters so the queing will not take long.
Thereafter, the person at the counter will punch the expired passport before returning it, to indicate that it is no longer usable.
Then the person at the counter will issue sort of an invoice or a receipt or claim paper, which will have to be brought to the cashier for payment.
The payment if you personally renew the passport is only P500. If you need it immediately, there is a rush payment of P750.
If you want the renewed passpoprt delivered, the private couriers will deliver it for a fee of P180 per passport.
If you don't want to pay delilvery fees, you can just come back on the date designated to claim the new passport which takes about ten days.
If you don't want to experience the hassles of having to go to the DFA to renew your passport, just avail of the services of the private courier services.

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