Friday, March 17, 2006

Life, death in the street

Its past 10 p.m. I just came from a funeral home in Makati.

If you have been reading my blog I wrote about one lesbian client-friend of mine who adopted a little girl. It was not long ago. She was a co-worker when I was working full time at the office of Senator Nene Pimentel. She passed away yesterday.

It was a rather violent death. She was driving her scooter along Roxas Boulevard near MIA road. She was ran over by a passenger bus. Her head was crushed by the rear-right tire of the bus.

It came as a shock because the last time I met her a few weeks ago I briefly discussed with her the progress of the adoption papers with the Office of the Civil Registry of Makati. After her adoption petition was granted, she still had to work out changing the birth certificate of her adopted child and all.

It was really unexpected.

Her name was Chedeng Gaylord. 47 years old adoptiver mother of a four-year old girl named ImelChed. She worked as a political officer in the office of Senator Nene Pimentel.

I never came close with Chedeng until I handled her adoption case. She related much of her past life in my professional conversations with her.

Chedeng was worked the streets. Before landing a job in the Senate, she sold cigarrettes for a living. In the streets still, Chedeng spent much of her time as a Senate worker. In her scooter, she would deliver documents from Senate everyday. That was until she met the fatal accident.

In the streets she had a life. It is just a tragedy that in the streets, she met her death.

Farewell, friend. God bless you.

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