Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First blog

This is my first blog.
Actually, I had a blog before, but I wasn't able to follow through.
I set up this very blog for a very simple reason. I would like this blog to be of service. Since I happen to be in the legal and media profession, the service would be in this area. It will be pro bono, free.
What we shall do is that I would as much as possible make myself available to respond to some querries you may have that may have something to do with Philippine law. Of course I do not profess to have much, or even adequate knowledge in this field, but many times, the questions that may be posed may have more to do with reasearch rather than legal analysis. So I can and will do that for you.
For instance, friends would just call me or email to ask questions like: "what are the requirements in order to change my first name?" or, "I am a lesbian. Can I adopt?" Or, "I just got my Canadian citizenship. Can I buy properties in the Philippines?" Things like that.
I will look it up in the books and give the response to you. (Its basically a legal research activity). If the question happens to be one that I may have had some experienced in law practice, then maybe I can share some insights .
I have passion in media. So also media topics might occupy some space in this blog.
This blog would also be a journal. I will share my everyday thoughts and feelings, experiences good or bad, if the ocassion warrants.
I am not really that good a writer, so I will try to express the best way I can.
Well, let's have some basic rules and directions:
If you have a question that may have something to do with Philippine law, send me an email to elmarjay [at] yahoo [dot] com.
I will respond to you as soon as I can.
By sending me a question and with the answers later on, I would assume that you permit me to post the discussion in this blog.
The rule is that I will not post your name or any name. It will be presented in a sort of hypothetical way.
Kindly make your question sufficiently detailed, so that I can properly look up an answer. Don't make the question too general like: "My friend shot a person. Is it murder?" This question would not allow a sensible answer because the question didn't say whether the person your friend shot died, or was actually hit.
I wouldn't know how this blog would go.
By the way don't ask me how i got my blog name. But my friends of old would most probably know.

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