Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Change of first name

One of the latest queries I received was on the procedure and requirements for change of a person's first name with the Office of the Civil Registrar.
The best thing to do of course, is to visit the local civil registrar in order that you will be guided on the requirements and on what to do step by step.
Anyway, let us take the office of the civil registrar of Manila as our guide.
The following are the requirements for the change of first name of an unmarried petitioner:
1. Two latest certified/local copies and two latest NSO copies of birth certificate to be corrected.
2. Two latest certified xerox copies of marriage contract of parents, if certification of no record was issued submit birth certificates of at least two brothers or sisters.
3. Two copies of baptismal certificate.
4. Two copies of school record, elementary, high school or college (form 137 or transcript of records).
5. Two copies of voter's registration record.
6. Two copies of certification of no adminstfrqative case from employer or an affidavit of non-employment if not employed.
7. Two latest original copies of NBI clearance
8. Two latest original copies of PNP clearance.
9. Two copies of valid ID and one copy of latest community tax certificate.
10 Publication of the petition in a news paper of generalcirculation for two consecutive weeks (after hte interview).

All marriage contracts, birth and death certificates to be submitted hsould be the latest certified xerox copy when issued int he local civil registry. If issued outside, then procure the security paper form from the NSO.

Steps to follow for change of name:
1. Submit all reuqirements tot he receiving table at the office of the local civil registrar for assessment and scheduling of interview.
2.Bring ID and original coducments during the date of the interview.
3. Pay at the cashier payment ofr certified xerox copy of P300, transmittal fee of P180 and registgration fee of P3,000.00 (Payment of publication fee and preparation of petition and notarial fee arenot included.)
4. Publication for two consecutive weeks.
5. After publication, get the affidavit of publication from the newspaper where the petition was published and then submit the same to the office ofhte local civil registrar.
On the schedule date of release, get the corrected copy at the releasing area.

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