Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother, the greatest blessing What is God’s greatest, most significant gift to you? To this question, I never hesitate an answer. In my world, the greatest gift God has given me was that which I received the moment I was born--- my mother. My mother is Marlen Icamen Dejaresco, daughter of Christian missionaries, a teacher, government worker, most of all a loving, devoted and faithful wife and mother to me and four siblings. I have had brilliant, learned teachers, mentors all through my life. But none of them equals the knowledge and wisdom imparted to me by my mother. She taught me how to read the Bible at a very early age. The simplest things to learn in life is to know what is right and wrong. We make so many choices in life, some of them good, some bad, some right, some wrong. But that is the essence of our humanity—we are not without sin. Nevertheless, it sure has been helpful that many choices I made are guided by what was taught me by my mother even before I entered kindergarten. I treasure those Bible stories of Joseph the Dreamer, Jacob the Deceiver, David the Goliath slayer, Daniel the lion-tamer Zacchaeus the tree-climbing, reformed cheater. I learned of Jesus calming the storm in front of frightened followers. I first heard those true stories from my mother. I tell you , my mother tells true stories like no media person can. My mother is my greatest advocate. I am confident she would defend me, and be by my side no matter what. I tell you, she would defend me like no lawyer can. My mother is the ever-reliable physician. When I got sick, she was there to take care of me. She ensured I take my medicines. She even bought me an expensive ozonizer so that my family would be as healthy, as we can be. I tell you, my mother cares for her children’s health like no doctor ever can. I was happy growing up with my mother. She bought me new shoes. She took brought me to Maricar’s to eat that unforgettable spaghetti, after her work. We ate ice cream at Dainty (where Jollibee Alfonso XIII is now located). I remember those ice cream pints sliced into half. Or we went to cool off at Snow White (with no dwarfs) beside the bell tower. I’m blessed I felt a mother’s love . She loves us, her children like no person ever can. No doubt, God’s greatest gift to me is my mother. So, it would be fitting to say thanks to my mother for all things good, and happy. Happy mother’s day, mama.

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