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Family roots and reunion

Last December 31, just before the new year dawned, I attended the annual Tale family reunion in Valencia of which I am a member by affinity.
My wife, Ruby is the great-great grand daughter of Policarpio Tale and Lucia Verduguillo, who lived in Dauin, Negros Oriental generations ago.
Yearly, the Tale family rewinds, replays, and rekindles the story of their ancestors Policarpio and Lucia Tale.
Policarpio Tale was born in sitio Kanghangin now Magsaysay, Dauin.
He was an illegitimate son of Nicolas Alas-as and Gavino Trumata of Poblacion Dauin.
As a young boy he spent an austere life with his mother.
An incident in the life of Policarpio carved a path in his life that spelled his destiny.
One day while cultivating the plants in his mother lot, an unusual chicken pecked Policarpio’s hand.
Immediately after the chicken dropped excreta with a ten centavo coin.
Policarpio through this was a good luck charm.
Apparently it did not turn out to be good charm initially, for the carabao he was then tending, went astray and damaged the neighbor’s crops.
This made his mother very angry.
Policarpio was severely punished.
The following day he decided to run away to Sulodpan-Isugan Bacong, where he found a job in the household of the Solamillo. family as encargador.
Seeing that young Policarpio was trustworthy and a hardworker his master prodded him to marry a young lady named Lucia Verduguillo
In the wedlock, they were blessed with eight children namely,
Valentina, Hilaria, Pedro, Bruno, Bibiana, Geronima, Melchor and Nazario.
My wife Ruby Vendiola traces her roots from Bibiana Tale, who later married Aquilino Vendiola.
Bibiana and Aquilino’s children were:
Francisco ‘Kikong’ T. Vendiola who married Felicisma Marino. Francisco and Felicisima were my wife’s grandparents.
Cesaria Vendiola was married to Jesus Tanada.
Gil T. Vendiola married Olympia Monding.
Perfecta T. Vendiola lived and died single.
Another sibling was the late Padre Galo T. Vendiola of Bacong.
Within the marriage of Francisco Vendiola and Felicisima Marino were born the following:
Epifania Vendiola (who married Arturo Baena), Revocato M. Vendiola (who married Isidra Elnar); Marcos M. Vendiola (who married Josephina Tabada), Concordio M. Vendiola (who married Aurora Sun); Maria Vendiola (married to Saludario A. Sonjaco Sr.); Blesilda Vendiola (married to Esdras Init); Rosario Vendiola (married to Antero Bongbong); Constatino Vendiola (married to Teresita Melo) (Ruby’s parents); Arturo M. Vendiola (married to Teofila Banua); Andres M. Vendiola (married to Julitalyn Feraren)
The scattered descendants of Policarpio and Lucia Tale continue to close ranks and organized a board and officers.
The board of directors of the Tale Family Circle are represented each by the heirs of the children of Policarpio and Lucia Tale.
The board members are: Antonio Wenceslao for the heirs of Valentina Tale; Josephina Teves for the heirs of Hilaria Tale; Adelina C. Alcantara representing the heirs of Pedro Tale; Ade Zamora for the heirs of Bruno Tale; Lyndon B. Vendiola representing the heirs of Bibiana Tale; Reiner Sarno Divina for the heirs of Geronima Tale; Estrella Tale for the Melchor Tale group; and Becky T. Bautista representing the heirs of Nazario Tale.
The present officers of the Tale Family circle are:
Franklin Tale, President ; Earl Tale, executive vice president; Jose Tale vice president for Luzon; Saludario V. Sonjaco Jr. vice president for Visayas; Cathrine T. Tan vice president for Mindanao; Edgar V. Init secretary; Fe Nestoria M. Cena, treasurer; Noemi S. Yuag auditor; Florita T. Ornopia, business manager; Fiel Ornopia, P.R.O.; Larry Gajelomo, Eudoxio V. Init, Sgt. at Arms;
The 46th Tale reunion in 2010 was hosted by the heirs of Bibiana Tale.

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