Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is hope

Christmas is five days away, so let me greet our friends a Merry and peaceful Christmas.
Let us reflect on the significant events that happened the past year.
This year was filled with tragedies and calamities.
Killer typhoons were raging.
Evil drew first blood in Maguindanao, killing our fellow journalists and women, even lawyers.
Yet, despite the sufferings, hardships, and difficulties, we have all the reason say thank to Good Lord for his presence in our lives.
We overcame.
We look forward to another year.
We hope it will not be tumultuous, bloody, or violent, specially with the coming elections.
We pray for sobriety among warring politicians.
Hopefully they will be enlightened that the political positions they aspire for are not really the important things in life.
These are temporary, and they will not attain permanent title over it.
So relax.
There are far more important and exciting things that life has to offer.
Instead we urge politicians to fill the air with the Christmas spirit.
Be in mindful you have already filed your certificates of candidacies.
Be generous, so you will be remembered come May next year.
Hopefully our politicians will not be missing in action this Christmas season.
Otherwise, your names will be ‘missing’ in the ballots next year.
Seriously, this Christmas week, let us focus on the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
We commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior.
We are sinners. We incorrigibly commit wrong. We err.
But we have reason to hope that somehow, there is one who will cleanse us of our sins.
He will overlook our transgressions and assure us that everything is ok.
So let us pause this Christmas, and focus on its meaning in each of our lives.
Merry Christmas!

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