Sunday, September 20, 2009

American bad manners

This week, the whole world saw the American version of “bad manners.”
First, a South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson, shouted “You Lie” while their head of state, President Barack Obama was delivering a speech in Congress.
America is the model of democracy.
Their congress is the greatest hall where democracy is practiced.
But Joe Wilson brought to the ultimate extreme, their democratic value of freedom of speech.
Not that it is wrong to express ourselves against the President.
What was wrong was the absence of civility because it was done right in the President’s face while giving a speech, not just to America but live for the whole world to see.
American bad manners.
The next was Kanye West. He went up the stage while Taylor Swift was making a speech after the young lady was given the top country singer award.
Kanye West, went up the stage in the middle of the acceptance speech, and said Beyonce, another female artist, had the greatest video of all time, rebuking the choice to award Taylor Swift.
The U.S. Preisdent was heard to have made an off-mike comment summing up Kanye West’s behavior: “He’s a jackass”.
If translated to our Filipino language, it would have been “tarantado,” or better still, “gago”
America is the ultimate model of democracy.
One of the greatest values they hold is the freedom to speak.
But some people there brought democracy to the ultimate low extreme, way beyond the bounds of civility.

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