Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PLDT wireless landline

I availed of the PLDT landline plus promo of PLDT.
The promo provides existing PLDT landline subcsribers of another telephone line.
This second line is wireless like an ordinary cell phone.
You can call from anywhere.
Anywhere you make a call, as long as the called party is in Metro Manila area, there will be no long distance charges.
For instance, if I bring my wireless landline to Cebu or Dumaguete and call a Metro Manila land line number, there will be no long distance charges.
Long distance charges will be billed if I use the wireless land line to contact a landline outside Manila.
If I am in Cebu, and I use my wireless PLDT phone to call a Cebu land line, it would be considered a long distance call.
The PLDT land line plus entails an additional cost of P250 only in addition to my existing PLDT billings.
When I applied at the PLDT main office in Makati, I was given a SIM.
I had an old cellphone to which I inserted the PLDT SIM, and it was operational already, having its own telephon number.
I am using my PLDT wireless (second) land line to make professional calls to land line telephones in Metro Manila.
It's making a lot of difference.

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