Thursday, May 28, 2009

Senate hears stars in sex video

Senators Jamby Madrigal, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon Revilla Jr. appeared very excited in holding the Senate hearing on the Katrina Halili-Jayden Kho sex scandal.
I don't know if these three senators are now the faces of the "new" Philippine Senate.
The quality of our new crop of senators can immediately be assessed by the questions they raised during the hearing.
Anyway, I was amused at many things I heard in the hearing over the car radio.
I heard that when Dr. Vicki Belo learned that Hayden has sex videos with other women, Vicki immeidately sought to access Hayden's "hard drive".
According to a friend, Hayden doesn't have a hard drive.
He only has a software.
Question: What do you call the video that secretly records two people having sex?
Answer: Hayden camera.
Seriously, I think there is no need for that Senate hearing because it is obviously not in aid of legislation.
There are already pending bills against voyeurism.
They have long been gathering dust.
I do not know why you have to invite a Katrina Halili or Hayden Kho to discuss the merits or demerits of a pending bill against voyeurism.
The committee hearing ventured on illegal drugs.
What legislation is needed on illegal drugs, when we have enough laws against it already?
The problem with the campaign against illegal drugs is not legislation.
The problem is law enforcement.
The senate hearing was in aid of re-election, nothing else.
Waste of time.
Waste of taxpayers' money.

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