Saturday, April 25, 2009

Four Seasons Bangkok

There is a modest and convenient place to stay for many Filipinos visting Bangkok.
This is the Four Seasons International House located in Soi Petchburi 19, Petchburi Road.
Once, during a brief visit to Bangkok with the family, we sought recommendation.
Our friend Nikki said there is a place where many Filipinos frequent and stay when in Bangkok.
We went to the internet and looked for Four Seasons and we were pleseantly surprised to get a very affordable, discounted price, perhaps because it was not peak time.

I think we only got it at an equivalent (in pesos) of P2,400 per night when we booked in an internet hotel booking agency.
From the airport, which is around forty kilometers outside Bangkok, the taxi fare is about 600 Baht.
Four Seasons International House is located near a commercial center.
Taxis, the metro rail,and even Tuk-tuks are accessible.

If you stay at Four Seasons there is a free half-day tour in one tourist destination of our choice within Bangkok.
We availed of this half-day complimentary tour and selected the Grand Palace.
We enjoyed the free tour, accompanied by guide who took our pictures.
The necessary amenties are available at the Four Seasons.
There is WiFi connectivity, by buying consummable internet cards at the reception.
Bufffet breakfast is free.
We noticed there were many Filipinos staying, and there were Filipino meals served also.
Maybe you can check Four Seasons in one of your Bagkok trips.
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