Friday, September 12, 2008

Router repaired

I use a D-Link Wireless Router at home.
Its an old model, DI-624+, having bought it more than two years ago.
Two days ago, it conked out.
Let me tell you some information about D Link in the Phlippines, in case you don't know.
There are only two main distributors of D Link routers in the Philippines.
One of the distributors is a repair shop along E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City.
The information I am sharing is that D Link offers liftime warranty, at least in the Philippines.
That is what people in that distrbution shop told me.
If your D Link malfunctions, the shop will find out first whether it was bought from one of their sub-distribution shops in Manila.
If it was, they will service it.
If warranted, they will replace it.
When my D Link wireless router refused to turn its power on two days ago, I asked the service shop to either repair it or replace it.
They replaced.
But only the adaptor since it was the only one destroyed.
They returned the unit since it was still ok.
My wireless router is back to work.
I think the series of brownouts had something to do with the damage sustained by the adaptor.
The brownouts came along with lightnings.
By the way, in case your D Link doesn't function even if there is already an internet connection, try disconnecting the adaptor of the PLDT DSL modem for a while. Then patch it back.
It should remedy the problem.

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