Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Airport security lapses

Lapses have been noted despite tight security in the country's major airports

While there has been a visible tightening of securityprocedures in the country's major airports, lapsesstill occured, dampening passenger confidence ofinsulating the airline industry from terroristattacks.

There has been heightened security, particulary at theDavao International Airport which has implemented a"shoe-off" policy at security counters.

This means, passengers are asked to remove theirfootwears and place these alkongside luggages made topass through x-ray counters.

The same "shoe-off policy" has been strictlyimplemented at the Ninoy Aquino International Airportfor international flights.

However, in our experience lately, a cigarette lighter breezed through the x-ray machines undetected, allowing my companion John, a smoker, to continue using his butane-fueled lighter.

In my case, we had a balikbayan-size box tied with plastic straw. We bought a cutter in a hardware storw, toegher with the straw.

We both placed the cutter and the strawq and the tape through the x-ray machine. Again, the cutter, passed through undetected.

This same kind of cutter was used by one of the hijackers during the 911 attacks in the United States.

Frankly, this sends a shivering sign to passengers that they are not totally safe in the airports.

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