Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Converting Pagemaker to PDF

I take charge of publishing the the website edition of The Negros Chronicle (www.negroschronicle.com) the weekly community paper that my father Ely publishes, circulated in Negros Oriental province.
From its print edition, I get the pagemaker program every Saturday, and convert it to pdf for uploading in the website.
Unfortunately, I had tremendous problems in converting from pagemaker to pdf.
By the way pdf is short for portable document format. Don't ask me for a definition of pdf because its so complicated. I can't understand it myself.
I would just say it is one type of file format that you view on your computer. The text or images that have been converted to PDF files cannot be altered. That's the whole import of PDF.
For instance, if you email a file in Word form, when it reaches the recipient, the file can be altered.
But if you convert the word file to pdf before sending it by email, when it reaches the recipient, the converted file cannot be altered/edited anymore.
So if you email your resume for instance, convert the Word file first to PDF. Don't send the Word file.
Anyway, my laptop has pagemaker 7.0 and adobe acrobat 6.0 professional, relatively the latest versions of each programs.
The problem is, it won't convert from pagemaker 7.0 to pdf (adobe acrobate 6.0 professional). It always results in error.
My desk top computer meanwhile, can convert. I surfed the net and thankfully, someone gave a procedure of converting from pagemaker to pdf via postcript files. That's very technical, huh? Don't worry, I don't even understand it. I just operate it.
So for a long time, I had to convert from pagemaker to pdf only in my desktop.
That was until just more than a week ago.
I never gave up surfing the net to find the solution to my laptop's predicament. Why wouldn't my laptop convert from pagemaker 7.0 to pdf 6.0 professional?
The solution I learned (advice from adobe acrobat themselves), was to update my pagemaker 7.0 to pagemaker 7.1a.
First, I updated my pagemaker to 7.1. And then I updated it to pagemaker 7.1a.
After updating, I was amazed! The pagemaker converted to adobe acrobate 6.0 professional in an instant!
I no longer pass through postcript files in going to pdf, as I did in my desktop.
That's a relief.

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